Joseph Brant

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Labour and Delivery

At Joseph Brant Hospital, we are honoured to be able to deliver more than 1,300 babies at our hospital each year.

But while the care our staff provides is unparalleled – with mothers returning here to deliver their second, third, or even ninth babies – the current labour and delivery unit they have to work in doesn’t meet the standards our patients deserve.

The labour and delivery unit is currently housed in an aging department that hasn’t seen any renovations in well over a decade. Rooms are tight and cramped, allowing little space for women to stretch and walk during their labour. And each room has a shared a bathroom between delivery rooms, meaning only one woman at a time can use it.

The department’s technology has seen a similar lack of updates, and is in need of an update to better meet the needs of patients.

We’re undertaking an ambitious project to raise $4 million dollars to completely renovate the Labour & Delivery Unit and provide new families the same high level of care in a modern space. With your support, we will provide a better patient experience, and increase the number of families who stay in Burlington for their obstetrical care.

Improvements include:

  • larger delivery rooms
  • private washrooms
  • two new recovery rooms and new operation room within the unit for Casaerian sections
  • new technology including electronic fetal monitoring and telemetry systems will allow women to move about freely while their team keeps a close watch on baby’s vital signs. 

Your gift to Joseph Brant today will transform our Labour & Delivery department into a safe, inviting environment for mothers-to-be and their families.


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