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Technology and Innovation

We need your support to ensure we have state-of-the-art technology to better serve our patients.
One of the most critical developments in medical technology has been the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging, more commonly known as MRI. Imaging technology has made incredible leaps and bounds in the last few decades and increasingly sophisticated technology supports earlier, and more precise diagnoses of a variety of conditions including cancer, stroke, trauma and internal bleeding, muscle and joint injuries, heart disease, and brain disorders.

To continue providing the best patient care, Joseph Brant Hospital is looking to raise $5 Million to fund two new MRI machines. 

With two MRI units we will reduce wait times and cancelled appointments due to downtime. And with the addition of a 3.0 Tesla unit, we will be able to perform scans not previously available in Burlington including breast and prostate imaging.

The new machines offer additional advantages for patients and have features to reduce anxiety including a larger sized bore and a built in theatre system which projects virtual reality images inside the bore, reducing
claustrophobia and patient anxiety. 

In addition, they are quieter, faster, and more detailed in their imaging.

All of which means more accurate diagnoses for patients, more detailed information for physicians, and better
health outcomes for our patients. 

Your support will ensure we can provide patients with a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan sooner, and with increased accuracy. 
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